Texturing PGui Elements - Brightness Adjustment?

I’m doing a technical evaluation of Panda3D and I’ve run across a problem I can’t figure out.

Here’s a texture file I’m applying:


As you can see, it is a very exciting (255,255,255) white square.

Working from the PGui docs and source code, here’s the code I’ve come up with:

    // Setup scroll bar (the 'moving thumb button' including left and right button)
    slider->setup_scroll_bar(false, 0.5, 0.035, false);
    NodePath SliderNP = window->get_aspect_2d().attach_new_node(slider);
    SliderNP.set_pos(-1, 0, .9);


    PGFrameStyle slider_style = slider->get_frame_style(0);

    PT(Texture) slider_background = TexturePool::load_texture("ui/slider-bg.png");
    slider->set_frame_style(0, slider_style);

    PT(Texture) slider_thumb = TexturePool::load_texture("ui/slider-thumb.png");
    slider->get_thumb_button()->set_frame_style(0, slider_style);
    slider->get_thumb_button()->set_frame_style(1, slider_style);
    slider->get_thumb_button()->set_frame_style(2, slider_style);
    slider->get_thumb_button()->set_frame_style(3, slider_style);
    framework.define_key(slider->get_adjust_event(), "slider value changed", &GUI_Slider_Value_Changed, slider);

And here’s a screenshot of the rendered UI element. The untextured end caps are reading (204, 204, 204) after a screenshot, and brighter during hover state, but the thumb button, with the full white texture, is nearly middle gray at (153, 153, 153) in all four states.


I note that 3D elements that should be white are full white, like these vertex-colored terrain tiles:

If I apply that same texture to the left button, I get the same result:

    slider->get_left_button()->set_frame_style(0, slider_style);
    slider->get_left_button()->set_frame_style(1, slider_style);
    slider->get_left_button()->set_frame_style(2, slider_style);
    slider->get_left_button()->set_frame_style(3, slider_style);

If I apply it to the slider background:

    slider->set_frame_style(0, slider_style);
    slider->set_frame_style(1, slider_style);
    slider->set_frame_style(2, slider_style);
    slider->set_frame_style(3, slider_style);

Note the untextured right-hand button remains brighter, and gets yet brighter when hovered, as the devs intended.

Is there a global UI layer brightness or gamma setting I’ve missed somewhere?

Have I made a silly mistake somewhere? Totally possible.

Thanks for your time! Panda3D is really fun to work with.

As is so often the case, describing the problem led to the solution.

The slider UI element has a default colour applied:


Adding a simple
fixed the problem.

I’ll leave this thread here for future googlenauts.

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