Hello, I’m new here…
Is it possible to set textures on objects in a modeler and use them in Panda3D ? I use 3ds max 6


How?? I already tried to export my scene but all i get is a gray object…

We need more information to diagnose your problem, like whether any error messages come up when you pview the model, or whether there are entries in your egg file, and so on. But see this thread first: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=189 It might give you some ideas about where to look.


well, I dont get any errors or something I just set a texture on an object (a sphere) and I export it to sphere.egg and when I look at the preview its just a gray object. This is what appears in the console:

C:\Panda3D-1.0.4>ppython sphere.py
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Warning: DirectNotify: category ‘Interval’ already exists
Known pipe types:
(3 aux display modules not yet loaded.)
:egg2pg(warning): AnimBundle does not specify a frame rate.
:express(warning): Adjusting global clock’s real time by -5.395 seconds.

Right. Do any textures come up in Panda at all–for instance, can you read the writing on the greeting card?

Is there a entry in sphere.egg? If there is not, then the file was not exported properly.

By the way, a much simpler way to verify whether a model was exported correctly is to use the pview command: ‘pview sphere.egg’.


I can read the writing on the greeting card clearly

But how can I know that there is a entry is in my file?

Egg files are human-readable. For example, you can open them with wordpad. Just scan the first few lines of the file to see if the words “” appear in there.

Ok I openend it in notepad and I didn’t find “” in it.
How do I fix this?

Something went wrong when you exported it. Try again, using different options. What exporter are you using, and with what options?


I’m using the maxegg6 for 3dsmax6 ( 8) , this are my export settings:

Export type: Model
Filename: C:\Panda3D-1.0.4\models\sphere.egg
Export Entire Scene
Double-Sided Polygons: Off

(one question: Does directX have textures?)

DirectX does support textures.

Did you try converting your model to mesh? And collapsing it? Both of these points were mentioned in the thread I referenced above.


thx for your reply,

I exported a textured box to .X, and it worked!
Thanks you for your reply’s!!

im new too i need to know how to get the tutorials out of my way i cant go to anything i cant create my GAME!!!

im new too i need to know how to get the tutorials out of my way i cant go to anything i cant create my GAME!!!