textures issues whit 3d sutdio max exporter

hi i have this problem whit the textures in the 3d max , i can export the model and the animation, but it export whit out textures. I heard that in previous versions of 3d studio max there´s no such problem, im using the 3d studio max version 9 , how i can solve this problem, ¿there isn´t other choice than change my 3d studio max version? ,

im also heard that if i use the modifier uvwrap maybe y can solve this problem but i tried whit out any result.

The panda version im using is 1.6.0

thanks for the help

Did you get any console output if you run pview on the commandline?
Can you edit your .egg file with a text editor, and see if there are a few entries at the top? If so, make sure the paths are correct - if they are relative, make sure they are relative to the path from where you pview it.
Keep in mind that it uses Panda filename syntax, so /c/dir/texture.png instead of c:\dir\texture.png - also, the paths are case sensitive.