texture wrapping on internal cylinder

I have made a procedural cylinder and given it UVs similar to an external program.
I am seeing a seam where the U wraps from 0.9 back to 0 at the seam on a cylinder. Normally this might be fixed with a repeat option.

I see in the egg loader there is a special wrap option which is how the loader deals with this issue. Its called

<Scalar> wrapu { repeat }

However the following does not work for me when I apply this to the texture.

        # texture
        self.tex = loader.loadTexture("models/tunnel.jpg")
        print "texture=", c.hasTexture()
        print "texture=", c.hasTexture()
        print self.tex.getWrapU()
        self.tex.setWrapU(0 )
        self.tex.setWrapV(0 )

I’ve tried all 5 choices defined in WrapMode.

How do I do this in Panda3D ?

When you generate the mesh, on the last faces, instead of wrapping the UV from 0.9 back to 0, try wrapping them from 0.9 to 1.0.

its a good point. I can position the 1.0 vertex over the 0.0 vertex. It sounds like that’s the way to do it in Panda3D. I had hoped to avoid the duplication as I have to move all the verts.