Texture tiling from Blender model

Hello, I have a model which I have created and textured in Blender. I have repeated the texture several times over the model’s surface via this tutorial which adds a Texture Coordinate and a Mapping node to the shader editor. When I view the exported gltf file, the model looks as it should; but when I load the model into Panda, the repetition is gone, and I see only one instance of the image stretched across the entire model. Is there a way to make the tiling display correctly in Panda?

Resolved this; I had to repeat the texture by changing the UV mapping, rather than with the shader nodes. Not sure why the shader node method didn’t work, but I guess the UV mapping is the “correct” way to do texture repetition.

I do not know which exporter you’re using, but shader nodes can be difficult to parse and convert into something Panda likes. So, I am not surprised that the UV mapping settings got picked up but the shader nodes did not.