texture problem

the texture on our egg model is extremely small and we cant make it bigger any idea whats going on? we are usuing the chicken export

Uhm… could you describe your problem some more?

Is the texture file too low resolution? Or, do you want the texture scaled bigger over the model?

our texture is high enough resolution, it just seems like it is making it really small and duplicating it many times instead of making a few big textures

we tried texturing it in blender and in the code and it still occurred

I really would like to help, if I can. But I still have no clue what you are talking about. Being a non-native speaker I would ask you to consider this:

(1) Replace pronouns with the noun phrases which they substitute. e.g. try to rewrite “it is making it really small and duplicating it”. Instances of class Texture get duplicated in memory until you segfault or what?

(2) Try to be explicit about what your noun phrases are.

(3) Use absolute expressions and not relative. “really small”?

(3) Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. So perhaps a screenshot is possible?

(4) Try to make a demo which demonstrates your problem. If you don’t want to give away your precious models, re-produce the problem using a box and a generic texture.


i think he has a UV-problem.
from what i understood you have a high-resolution texture which is tiled over a model many many times instead of beeing applied to it 1:1 scale.
this happens if the uv-maps arent correct. those are mapping your 3d-faces onto a 2d image which works as texture.
if you used pandas texture automatic-generation try to change the uv-scale. if you used an editor to create your uv-maps check if they are really correct.

either way. check the uv-scale stuff should help you.

In other ways, go into blender
select your mesh
press F to enter face edit mode
select all faces
go to UV/Image Editor
load your image
go back to 3d view
press U to unwrap, find yourself a suitable unwrap method
go back to uv/image editor
select all vertices
scale it the way you want

the texture on the mine wont look like it is suppose to

first one is texture

second one is screen shot of mine

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/T … Transforms
so, something like


will be better?

I think texture scale is not his problem. From the second screenshot it look like if he has uv-coordiantes (0/0) to (1/1) on every face of his sphere, since the complete texture (first screenshot) is repeated on every face.

Theory, I suggest you go back three posts and read pro-rsoft instructions on how to unwrap in Blender again. “Sphere from view” could be the right unwrap operation. Might be you have to rotate the texture by 90 degree in Blender, to get the pole regions right.

I’m not sure if Blender offers the right unwrap operation though. Might be you have to implement your own map projection. You will need a cylindrical projection, e.g. mercator, miller, oblique. Here is a good place to start reading on map projectios:


im not trying to repeat the texture though i just want that one texture one time to cover the whole mine

You could do this in blender, by scaling the texture there, or in Panda3D, using the code I supplied.

Look at this. I did exactly what pro-rsoft told you to unwrap the texture. And it exports perfectly to Panda3d. If I got you right this is what you have been asking for, just without the strange spikes.