Texture is not showing in panda3d after exproting from blender with Yabee

i have been using panda3d just before 3 days and had been familier in with blender…
So i had make a simple gun with blender and exported to .egg format with YABEE egg converter in blender.I was socked to see that is cant see any texture and colour i applied there.It is only showing white shape.
Thanks to all community

Would it be possible for you to add your Blender file as an attachment, so that we can take a look at it?

Most likely you forgot to create Unwrap, texture coordinates.

The current version of YABEE will actually automatically convert the default Generated coordinate setting into UVs.

A common problem is that people create a node-based Cycles material, which is not currently supported by YABEE, which requires a regular Blender Render material.

Another common problem is not assigning a light in Panda3D, which is needed to render any material that is not marked “shadeless”.

Another problem is that the texture paths are not exported correctly, because they are absolute or because the model is not being loaded at the right location relative to its textures.

i am just trying with that deafult cube

i had heared same answer when i red previous problems but i am not understanding
If you can please donate a video on that in utube