Texture Comes out as one color

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to add a detailed texture to my small play area. I’ve been using a simple 256x256 image that contains a few stripes of color.

The Problem: No matter what image type (.png, .bmp, .jpg) or feature (such as the WMRepeat below) I try, the colors are “blended” into one color. (I my case blue, red, green, black and gray become a rust color)

Here’s my code:

self.charlesTexture = self.loader.loadTexture("myWork/myTextures/charlesTexture.jpg")

#inside MyApp(ShowBase)...

Any ideas?

Are you sure your model has UV coordinates?

Pretty sure, but how do I check / set them up again?

Well, it depends on how you made the model, of course. You can check the egg file for entries. Note that if your egg file has named entries (e.g. " myname { … }") instead of unnamed entries (" { … }") then you will have to use the same name when you apply the texture, so the simple setTexture() function won’t work.


And I’m lost…

I’m using Chicken to make the .egg files, and blender to make the model itself and Paint to make the textures. Honestly, all I’ve done is make a robot in blender, export it using Chicken and apply the texture using Panda3d at execution. UV is a little out of my league, but I want to learn. Where can I pick up a tutorial or something? I’m looking in the manual right now, but it seems to be theories on how to do more advanced stuff with a few code snippets thrown in here and there.

Update: I found the video tutorial here: blender.org/education-help/v … riallight/

It’s useful, but I can’t find a few things. In the video it shows where UV face select mode is, but in the same spot it’s not there. I’m going to keep working and see what I find, but it seems like every solution I find brings about 3 new problems :frowning:

Another Update: blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=123264

Shows that the newest versions of Blender took out “UV Face Select” and replaced it with Edit Mode -> (select area to be textured) -> (press) U key to “unwrap” at edges already made.