text scaling bug

It appears that TextNode::set_text_scale does not properly handle spaces. They do not get scaled, so it appears that text is rendered without spaces.

The bug is in TextAssembler::assemble_row where the handling for spaces (and tabs) does not account for scaling.

    if (character == ' ') {
      // A space is a special case.
      xpos += font->get_space_advance();

should change to:

    if (character == ' ') {
      // A space is a special case.
      xpos += properties->get_glyph_scale() * properties->get_text_scale() * font->get_space_advance();

Can someone review and apply?

It would be a good idea to submit the bug and patch on the bug tracker. It is a lot easier for bugs posted on the forum to be missed or forgotten.

Added as bugs.launchpad.net/panda3d/+bug/1013419