Text-generation settings

In this thread, it was indicated that for Panda 1.10 the optimal config-settings for displaying text were “text-flatten 0” and “text-dynamic-merge 1”. Does that still hold, and if so, are those the defaults in 1.10.4, or do they require being manually set via PRC values?

To explain, I want to create a “text history” feature for a project, which would allow the user to scroll through previously-shown lines of text. Not knowing how many lines of text it might have to handle, my inclination is to only create one text-node per visible line, and then update their contents as the user “scrolls”. However, text-generation has in the past been somewhat slow, as I recall. Hence my interest in using this faster text-handling setting.

The default settings are text-flatten true and text-dynamic-merge true. The latter already activates the faster system by default.

If you will be modifying a lot of text, I would suggest setting text-flatten false, since flattening text is probably no longer adding a lot of value with the new system, which already produces text geometry in a pre-flattened form. But, I imagine that it won’t make a huge difference.

But, of course, the best answer is just to profile. Pick the setting that is fastest for you. If you can’t tell a difference, it’s likely not the bottleneck.

Fair enough, and thank you for the information. And I’m glad that we do have this more-efficient system now–thank you for it! :slight_smile: