Texcoord in cg

I am using panda3d-1.7.2. I have a problem in texcoord input of vertex shader of cg. I have read that texcoord information is in egg file. I have read egg format, I only replaced VertexPoll by DynamicVertexPoll. But it raise an Error for me !

We’ll need more information than that. We can’t guess which error you’ve got.

An error raised when my app was loading model from egg file. It said that It couldn’t understand DynamicVertexPoll in egg file.

I only need pass vertex texcoord to cg shader in my app.

Many, many years ago, there was an egg syntax called “DynamicVertexPool”. This is no longer supported. It is still mentioned in the eggSyntax document, for historical reasons, but it says “At the present time, the DynamicVertexPool is not implemented in Panda3D.”

I don’t know why you’re attempting to add a DynamicVertexPool to your egg file in the first place. The eggSyntax document that talks about it doesn’t even mention Cg shaders or vertex texcoords in that paragraph.

Texture coordinates are passed to the Cg shader automatically.