terrain texture splatting, fixed-function

Its been a while. I was digging my old files and found this: p3dp.com/lib/exe/fetch.php?media … atting.zip
Im going to post this in the code snippets, but first I would like to know why the terrain isnt shaded without the shader generator. As far as I know Im only using 4 stages.

If you don’t use the shader generator, then any combined textures will be applied on top of the lighting effects. So if you want shading, you’ll have to multiply the result with CSPrimaryColor.

Yeah, doesnt this line do that?

ts.setCombineRgb(TextureStage.CMModulate, TextureStage.CSPrevious, TextureStage.COSrcColor, TextureStage.CSPrimaryColor, TextureStage.COSrcColor)

Or do you mean something else?