Terrain in blender

I have a height field and i want to use it to create a terrain and i want to load the terrain in blender and use tags on it to place some models with panda3d python code on it. my terrain is large and when i use GeoMipTerrain class and setting size of blocks and LOD in python code it works well but putting models on good position is very hard. on the other hand when i import it to blender, size of the terrain does not fit to python code terrain and in blender i cant use size of blocks or other GeoMipTerrain options. Is there a way to use GeoMipTerrain and blender at the same time?

can enyone help me?

You could create a plane in blender, subduvide it a few times and attach your heightfield as displacement texture. Only things you’d have to set are same as in panda: size of the plane and the influence of the displacement map.