Tentative steps

Hello everyone,

From what I’ve seen so far, the community seems very friendly and supportive which is a welcome sight.

I’m currently building a PBBG (persistent browser based game) and I want to create a local download version to support it. Having spent quite a while looking at a dizzying amount of engines (Ogre, Irrlicht, CrystalSpace, NeoAxis, etc. etc.) installing them, going through the motions of linking, setting up environments, and so on only to find that I need to hunt even more complexity to get something working, I was losing heart.

I just wanted something I could jump into that already had the functions/libraries for what I would now consider standard game technology and let me get on with coding the darn thing. I’m not expecting to click a few buttons and have a unique game, but I wanted the technology to meet me halfway.

Then I found Panda3D, my heart skipped a beat as I wondered if it was what I was looking for and from what I can see, it may well be.

Having looked through the extremely well commented tutorial samples I’m getting more and more confident that it will allow me to realise the project.

However, unless I’m missing something, there isn’t a simple checklist of things to download and install. Before people roll their eyes and start tutting, I’m well aware that things such as an editor are a personal preference, as are modelling tools.

I’m hoping that what I have downloaded and installed will see me through, and also hope that someone can confirm/correct it.

Panda3D - to compile and run
Pype - to edit code
Blender - to create graphics
Chicken - to convert graphics from blender to egg

I don’t know blender yet and I will have to sit and work through the tutorials when I need to create a unique model. I also don’t know python but the language looks fairly straightforward and I have a background in … numerous languages.

Anyway, I have a tendency to waffle so I’d best stop there.

Hey there!

I know that a couple of my students use pype… they seem to like it.

I also know that some of our forum posters use blender/chicken to create models. Here at the school, we have a site license for Maya, which is what most of our students use.

But basically, there’s no reason that combo shouldn’t work.

Ooh, fast responses… I could get used to this :slight_smile:

Personally, the only thing I look out for in an editor is line numbering but the modelling tools will freak me out a little until I get used to them.

Yeah, well, blender is more than a little freaky.

Well, it’s free and lots of people shout about how amazing it is, so I guess I ought to learn how to use it. Plus, I can’t afford to buy an alternative, not to mention I’d need to learn that as well.

If you need help you can always come to :


not in any order depends who is online :wink:

cheers and welcome to community ;0


Blender’s not too hard, you just have to get used to it.

I would add some sort of 2D graphics creation tool like GIMP, photoshop, etc. because you need to texture models, logos or create 2D backgrounds often for certain places in your program.

But you’re right. We use different programs to produce the content and Panda3D runs everything.

Of course, I missed the obvious 2D tools. I’m comfortable with Photoshop and that will be my tool for such things.