Tearing and Vsync

I just might be seeing things, but thought I’d ask anyway -

I’ve always know Vsync to be a slow deal when enabled, but I guess it’s more evident when you compare it to Vsync off.

I’m not talking about an fps thing, but the smoothness of play thing.

I’ve noticed when fps drops because of a high number of Actors and Vsync is on, my app seems to “bog” down more (play not as smooth).

When I run my app with the same number of Actors and Vsync is off, the game looks more smooth, even running at the same fps.

Of course the problem is tearing. Tearing looks pretty rough on my Monitor.

Is there any good P3D tricks to use against tearing without enabling Vsync?

I read an article about something called “Back Buffering.” It seems some developers are going in that direction. It fights against tearing with Vsnyc off.

I wouldn’t know how to implement something like that.

Just a thought anyway; back to work for me :slight_smile:

Back buffering is a technique used for a really long time, and Panda already uses it under the hood too.