task.time & task.cont

Hi all,

I worked through the beginner tutorial: Panda3D manual-controlling the camera.
What does task.time return?

It seems that the manual does not mention about task.time and task.cont

Thanks in advance

About .time: task.time holds the total time in seconds this instance of Task has been running.

About .cont: The method called by a task has to return a value. The task manager decides what to do depending on what value is returned:

  • task.done: You are done with this task. Manager won’t call it again.
  • task.cont: Call this task again in the next frame (“continue”).
  • task.again: Call this task again. Used with one-shot tasks (“doMethodLater”).
  • task.exit: Exit this task. Manager won’t call it again.


Now I understand them more.
Thanks a lot, enn0x!