Talking animated avatars

Has anyone created talking (text-to-speech) animated avatars that can be controlled by a program? I am looking for sample code.

I don’t think you’ll find one of those here b, and if you do, I am quite sure it wouldn’t be free. That’s a lot of work. I was thinking of doing one some day when I get better at coding. in my mind it doesn’t seem hard, but I’m sure it will require more than I think. I recently saw a program called Crazy Talk Avatar Creator that does a good job with text to speech facial animation. The pro version allow for complete control over animation, but as I expected, it’s expensive. If you have the money, I’m sure it would be worth the buy though.

you been pointing on something like this ?

there tons of this old idea out… :unamused:

“pointing on” What is that?

It involves at least two components here, lip sync and facial expression. It depends on the text-to-speech system that you are using for the lip sync part. If you use Microsoft Speech platform, the Viseme events can be used to control an animated character. Look into the Microsoft Speech SDK for an example. Other systems, like festival, you have to add the viseme support there before you do the integration.

For facial expression, it will be another story. You want to animated character to show a happy face on a sad story or sad face on a bad news…it is up to your decision. Usually text-to-speech system won’t provide such thing.

I am going to develop this later. Since I am new to panda, it will take me a while before I can share it.

:open_mouth: @shaba: its not so difficult, maybe you get it, if you think deep and straight :laughing:

@shaba: wait i will help you bit :wink: a picture could solve the big question…
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