Tablets as InputDevices

Referring back to this old post:

If I may ask, was the change mentioned there ever included in mainstream builds of Panda?

I ask because I’m attempting to use my Wacom tablet in a content-design tool that I’m building, and specifically would like to read pressure data from it. And while that tablet seems to be automatically treated as a mouse, it’s otherwise detected only as a device of type “unknown”, and no output is given for any of its axes or buttons. As a result, I’m not getting that pressure data.

(However, it’s very possible that I’m in some way not setting it up correctly–I don’t quite have the hang of the “InputDevice” system, I fear! ^^; )

Which operating system and which device?

Ah, the operating system would be Ubuntu Linux (18.04.6), and the device would be a Wacom “Bamboo” (model CTL-470).

I have a Wacom tablet to test this with (though it’s an older Intuos), but I’m a bit busy right now to look into it, please ping me if I appear to forget about this.

Not a problem, and thank you for taking it on!

As it happens, I’ve decided to take another direction with the tool that I’m building, so tablet support is no longer required on my end. Thus there’s no hurry, and I won’t likely complain if this matter is left aside.