Syntax Error Using Code from Manual

I’m pretty new to programming but have a little experience with c++ and the DarkGDk game engine. I’m trying to run through the Hello World Tutorial in the manual and when I follow the instructions and enter the code exactly as it is for the example of ShowBase I keep getting a syntax error on line 3 of the code.

from direct.showbase.ShowBase import ShowBase

class MyApp(ShowBase);

    def __int__ (self);


 app = MyApp()

You’ ve copied the code incorrectly. It should be __init__ (short for “initialize”), not __int__.

Also, you have written a semicolon (;) where there should be a colon (:).

Thanks, it turns out that the IDE I was using wouldn’t allow for me to use Python 3 I had to signal it to use the 2.7 version that came with the Panda3d program.