Switching Control

I am having problems figuring out the best solution to my problem. I have tried some methods on my own but without much success.

The problem:

-Switching controls to a character that is already on the screen and following the character, stopping the original character that was being controlled. I want the camera to show both the original and the second character for as long as possible without zooming too far out. This would be a little simpler if I didn’t need the first character to stop, but since I do, it’s a bit more of a problem. The thing with the camera is that this is a third person game with the camera behind the character.

Solutions that I have tried/am planning on trying:

-(Preffered Method) Simply switching the camera to the second character, and perhaps zooming out to a limit to keep the first character in view. Once you pass this limit, the camera will stop zooming out, and the first character will no longer be visible. Then maybe I can create an arrow at the edge of the screen that points to the first characters location, or when i create a minimap I can emphasize that the character is out of sight and where he is exactly.

-(Alternative) Once again, I would use a method that involves zooming out to a limit, but instead of switching the camera to follow the second character, it would remain fixed at the first character. The first character would slowly follow the second to keep the distance smaller.

Solutions that I will use if the first and second one don’t work:

  • Keep the characters near each other. One will be the leader, and the other will follow it until it is made the leader.
    -Keep one the leader, and let him give commands to the other.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have an idea about how the code could be (roughly) put together for the idea. By this, I don’t mean “put together my code for me plz,” but instead just some concept ideas and what-not. I know how you would feel if I asked for that, because I would be pretty irritated, too.

By the way, if you have an idea that you think would make more sense or even be more fun to implement, then let me hear that, too :smiley:.

If you don’t understand anything, just ask, and I would be happy to elaborate.

Edit: I understand that you guys can’t really give much help (or don’t want to) unless I supply the code. Since I didn’t get an answer, I’m currently working on what i think I can do at this point. The code I already have is useless as far as the switching control goes, so I have nothing to post now.

Edit: Decided to use a completely original control scheme. You guys will see it when the demo comes out.