.swf on wall

Suppose I want to show a .swf on the wall of a 3D room.
Is this possible?
The setTexture does not support .swf format.

Please also do tell whether we can run a .html file or not(on the wall of the 3d room)

Any help is appreciated.

since panda3D has no native html-framework I doubt that it can run html-files.

However, the “Unified Audio-Video subsystem” - which is pretty new in Panda3D - might be of interest. A search might give you more information. I am not sure if ffmpeg can decode swf (flash)-files.

Regards, Bigfoot29


I agree with ynjh_jo’s reply.
That was pretty much the best tool and implementation that I was able to find and use…just be sure your Flash code is AS 1 or AS2 if interactivity is going to be used