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“GNU license (this engine is anyway)”
False, its under Panda 3d License … read before using.

I think the problem is on your end. My team use 3dmax and blender (an very minor maya) to do the models. There are bumps but it all works.

“1. either Disney tells us how their doing the models”
They did, and i think they and CMU use Maya.

  1. “drift away COMPLETELY from .egg format and go to a more general format ex. directx or just plane .X or another format that is more compatible to other OS’s thats my 2 cents”
    The egg format and the egg system (bams and texture compilation caching) - is the best one i seen! Other OS’s? Only 3ds and MD2 format is OS specific (or correctly say architecture specific because of big/small endean nature - but even that can be worked around) most other format including the egg is plain test!

“I think Disney should release their networking code for Panda3D”:
Why are they supposed to give you code? Its nice they gave us panda … it would be nice to have their code for learning purposes but other then that meah - we’ll write our own - they gave us the important part - panda3d.

One more pointer, don’t use caps for fear of sounding angry or unintelligent.

afaik the serversided code of the networking system is still proprietary thus not GNU/GPL/BSD whatever so no reason to begg for it.
note that toontown isnt under gnu-like license either. panda now seems to ger the bsd license. but all the toontown code itself and the artwork is most likely not. should be easy to figure out in case you are really intrested in it.

bout the pipeline issues: toontown and potc where not made with the latest versions available NOW but with versions which where suited for it when the game was actually created. btw the chicken exporter for blender works just fine. x is not recommended to use with blender anymore.
and the egg format is very general, it supports by far more things than the X format does , which can not handle all features provided by panda and egg. also… file format has nothing to do with OS-es . furthermore it’s beeing worked on a collada reader/writer.

ps: did you really expect a company would release the sourcecode of a mmo-server just like that when : a- they spend ages writing it and b-this is a critical point for business ?
ps:ps: …i never experienced any big problems with my model pipeline, especially not with blender since the egg exporter is really good. maybe you just missed a few lines in some manual/readme or something.

EDIT: post became mostly redundant, btw. shouldnt this belong to “general discussion” instead of “features in dev:?” i dont think complaining can be seen as new feature of panda3d.

no no what i ment to say, and i forgot to edit what i said, was that I wanted them to either build/expand on their tutorial for the networking concept or either build a system (prebuilt format) that all we had to do was insert our own code into for example

networking code*
import (insert networking calls)

(your models/gameinfo/and other things here) client (insert client side programing here) <----this part would be done for us

and same goes for server.

But I know they are busy building their own systems but at least if your going to post on something give us a more clear concept of how to use it!

ps. yeah further reading i discovered that panda is drifting from the GNU but it would be of interest to all of us to have a better written or at least more developed tutorial…but as most programmers know, myself included; we do not like to comment or explain how to do things. Like most game engines, their arent any good tutorials for them except the XNA one by Microsoft, but you have to pay to develop even for yourself (which is ridiculous but it is Microsoft)!

pps. i was reading in the python cookbook somewhere online that there is an entire add-on to python for networking with programs. Now by definition, a game engine is basically a program…so we could somehow tell panda to export all that its doing to a networking format, package that, and then send it to the server for processing via the add-on. Its open source i just forget the name of it. *off to Google i go!

ps why i use caps…its provided on the keyboard and is used frequently but not for everything…unlike some who cap everything i cap words i want to stress…thirdly on ANY SAT test all IMPORTANT words are in BOLD…so i guess SAT people are stupid…just my two cents again…no offense but calling me stupid for using caps is a little immature when the top testing companies for students in the U.S. uses caps in their directions to stress a point! [/b]

pps. yes yes i know complaining never solves anything, but having direct exportation abilities does…which would be a new feature in panda…well an add-on for 3d software…but still…and networking is a specific topic not a general one unless your talking about general networking but i was talking about a specific type which was having a template to go by or at least a better explained tut.

Microsoft gave us XNA for free, which is what they use to develop on the 360 but charge you 100 bucks to use it on the 360…so giving us something doesnt mean your great or the group is great…giving us something that works (for the most part) and is documented to the point of being able to understand it should be priority (aside from Disney, I understand they are busy developing for their games.)

Do you think that if you could use these programs then you would be able to create 3D models? Maybe you should invest some time into learning how to use 3Dsmax, Maya or Blender.

Panda3D is developed by CMU and the Panda3D community, which BTW (god forbid) you are now a part of.

Let me tell you, Notepad.exe . They do all their models using a text editor, you should learn how. Since .egg is plain text format (and you have already pointed out that you can’t use 3Ds Max Maya or Blender) you should try using a text editor.

As you said XNA is for the 360, Panda3D is for desktop computers. Long story short, there are no hardware or software differences from 360 to 360, where as the guts of a desktop computer will vary dramatically and the software will change depending on the users preference(XP, Vista, Linux, OSX). This makes developing for cross platform PC’s very… annoying/difficult/timeconsuming so we appologise that there is no

Why don’t you have a go at writing it.

FYI Disney doesn't contribute to the panda3D source much anymore. 

FYI they do.

Did I say that? How misinformed!

um someone doesnt read much XNA IS on desktops and IS supported by all computers that can run vista <—excluding graphics cards. Also the reason it runs on all vista computers is that vista is DX 10 and if windows detects you cannot use/run DX10 then you CANT run XNA built games (according to the last published XNA and DX10 build) may have changed since SP3 for xp was release/in beta

I think my point was that Panda 3D is cross OS. Showing that XNA is 360 and Vista compatible doesn’t disprove my previous point.

P.S. I’d like to see MS try and make XNA linux firendly, (considering that it uses MS proprietry DX graphics layer).

with Mac boot camp you can develop with XNA read through some of the microsoft articles…and mac is built on the same platform as linux so technically…wine may run it not sure but i know mac does so that opens a wide range of users since only about 10% of the world computers actually use linux as a main os (data based on figures from 2006)

also, you cannot deny the fact the because its cross platform it looses many features that are common on DX in that said, OpenGL is basically the only platform that can develop on almost any device and still bring a comparable punch to DX seeing that the game platforms we see now Wii, PS3 all have certain OpenGL APL’s need proof look at the unreal engine (PS3) I know the ps2 definately ran off of opengl b/c the engine said it had support for ps2 games which means the ps2 had opengl libraries. Saying that also, openGL is complex while panda is simple, but with simplicity comes loss of functionality. One day panda may compete with unreal but that will be waaaaaaaayyyy in the future

Not to nitpick but OSX isn’t based on linux, it’s based on BSD

true that but what is BSD based off of? Unix, what is linux based off of? Unix…Unix uses what command? sudo…not saying they are the exactly same os but if you look into uhh…forgot the website but basically osx is the sister os of linux.

BSD is not based on Unix it is unix. But what are we getting at now?

… running a program through an abstraction layer (such as wine or parallels) is not the same as being native to that OS. Besides the obvious strain on your computer resources, functionality is lost. Generally extraction layers only help emulate specific aspects of an OS, they are strong in some areas where others they lack completion.

Just because you can use a third party application to run XNA on linux/OSX does not make XNA crossplatform.

The beauty of panda3D/cross platform software, is that you don’t have to rely on someone elses code to get it to run the same way (run at all) on different OS’. Unlike XNA if new features come in and it no longer works with wine, you’re screwed unless you either don’t use the upgraded version where you will miss out on the new features, wait for the wine ppl to release a patch, or fix it yourself.

I know for a fact that I can only get some games working under openGL with wine, you can forget about trying if the game is DX only. Besides you’re probably breaking the EULA by running it on linux anyway.