Suppress "Loading <model>" message

Is there any way to suppress the messages when calling load_model (c++ api) on a bam or egg file? Trying to avoid extra output to my terminal.

This line in windowFramework.cxx under load_model();

nout << "Loading " << filename << "\n";

is the one your after it looks like you will have to rebuild panda with it commented if you want it removed.Unless there is way to access nout and change it there.

Not sure about C++, but with python I can specify notify-output variable in Config.prc and Panda’s notify messages will be put in the file instead of console

Ideally I’d like to not have to recompile. I did try putting it in the config.prc as

notify-output text.out

but didn’t seem to do anything. Does it really make a difference between c++ and python?

Possible it’s a bug. In python we have another way:

nout = MultiplexStream()
Notify.ptr().setOstreamPtr(nout, 0)

Think that in C also should be somethin like that

also try to play with notify-level … ng_Panda3D