Supported version of Visual Studio

Hi, I haven’t used Panda for a while so I’m not sure what version of Visual Studio is supported with the current Panda libs. I’m guessing it’s not 2019. Can someone advise?


Also sorry to mix subjects, but is the Bullet integration still maintained? If not what is the recommended physics engine these days?

Regarding VS, this information is listed on github, the bullet is now the main physics engine.

Thanks Serega, I wasn’t aware of the GitHub page I’ll try building with 2019.

Hi there, long time no see! Welcome back!

I think 2015, 2017 or 2019 should all work fine.

Hi rdb, good to see you are still holding the fort :grinning: I’ll take a look at 2019, probably tomorrow. Thanks.

Actually I don’t need to build the SDK do I? Will the pre-built SDK support VS2019 out of the box?

@zobbo think the answer has already been given.

The pre-built one should work, because VC 2019 (14.2) is only a minor upgrade over VC 2015 (14.0), so they are compatible.

Thanks guys. I’ll give the SDK a go in 2019, failing that I’ll have a go at building it.

I can add that I specifically followed the instructions from the manual, and I got the Panda window on the first attempt on the PANDA3D-1.10.6-x64 SDK.

Yeah getting a lot of linker errors. I’ve missed something.

Yes I did, didn’t paste in the libs properly to VS. All working now. The manual is spot on (though some subtle differences in VS2019).


I found a bit of an issue with the C++ documentation. It seems a bit outdated. It tells you to use the third party tools to use bullet. Which I did, but I was getting a ton of linker errors. So I realised that bullet is now integrated into the SDK using libpandabullet.lib. So the documentation is a bit confusing. Sorry to nitpick.

It’s here:

Compiling C++ Panda3D with Bullet code

To compile a Panda3D C++ program with Bullet, you will need to link directly against the Bullet libraries.

These are not included in the Panda3D SDK, but are included in a separate “thirdparty tools” download on the download page. You will need to add the appropriate Bullet include and library directories to your compiler settings.

I have to say though that the new forums and documentation software is very good.