Super Grouper and YABEE

In Blender, I keep bumping into fact that there are only twenty layers available, and that no more may be added. Searching for a solution, I discovered “Super Grouper”, an add-on that seems to work around this by temporarily moving elements to alternate scenes.

It looks quite promising. However, has anyone here used it, and can weigh in on its usefulness? Furthermore, is it known whether it interferes with YABEE exportation at all?

Blender since 2.80 has supported unlimited number of collections without any add-ons.

I think that I gathered something to that effect–but 2.8 not only comes with interface and (major!) workflow changes, but means switching to a still-new version of YABEE, and perhaps invalidating a fair bit of my extant work. :/

As a result, I feel that it would be rather unwise for me to switch to that version, and am sticking with 2.7.

Actually, since I’m posting, this seems like a good moment for an update:

I’ve tried out the add-on, and it seems to work quite well!

Scene-elements can be placed into convenient groups, constraints and modifiers seem to work across groups, and exporting via YABEE seems to succeed.

There does seem to be a minor conflict with YABEE: while exportation appears to work as expected, the scene does seem to be left in an unexpected state afterwards, and the “Super Groups” seem to be lost. I’m guessing that this is a result of both Super Grouper and YABEE making copies of the scene and/or its elements. However, this just calls for reverting the file after exportation.

Conversely, the increase in speed of exporting and importing is amazing! I can export and import in minutes where before it took hours!

I still want to comb over my exported level, looking for any issues that I may have missed on initial testing. And of course, I’m not in a position to speak with confidence to whether the code involved is safe. But that said, I’m inclined to give a tentative recommendation in favour of Super Grouper. :slight_smile: