Suggestions for pixel editors

any searches i do turn up Gimp which i find very hard to use.

I need to do very simple stuff so i’m wondering if anyone can suggest a simple pixel editor that runs on linux.


Ah, I use GIMP myself, so I’m perhaps not in the best position to help here.

That said, I keep hearing about Aseprite–perhaps it’s worth investigating that to see whether it might be of use to you.

Otherwise, Wikipedia has a short list, linked below–again, perhaps there’s something there that might work for you!

funny how many varieties of “pixel editor” i put into web search and the wikipedia page never came up.

Thanks for that link.

Aseprite does look good but it’s non-free. Not not worth paying for simply because i’ll use it so little.

I was hoping i could use inkscape somehow, i’m familiar with it and i like it, and maybe i can, but i haven’t figured out how to get it into a mode where it’s pixel editing. of course maybe i shouldn’t. i could just edit everything as an SVG and export it to PNG which seems like that might be a better strategy than pixel level editing.

pencil2d looks pretty good

also, pinta looks particularly good. seems to be easy to use, and is a true pixel level editor.

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Inkscape is a vector editor–while it’s not impossible that it has a pixel-editing mode, it seems unlikely.

As you say, you could just make a vector image and then export it at a low resolution. However, that would leave you with only limited control of the resultant pixel-art, I fear. But conversely, if it works for you, then well and good!

I don’t know pencil2d offhand, so I can’t comment on that one, myself!