Suggestion on how to highlight edge of terrain.

I have a geoMipTerrain that i want to make a function to highlight the edge (yellow border) of it, without using a texture because there are many different terrain tiles, is there anything easier than making a border model with a yellow texture and making it look like it is on the edges?

Thanks for any input!

You could perhaps use vertex colours for this. Create an image of the same size as the heightmap, make it the desired colour at the edges, and pass it to terrain.setColorMap.

Thanks rdb for the suggestion. I made a 257*257 (same as heightmap) png with half of it yellow and half of it transparent for testing purposes. I then made (and called) the following function:

    def highlight_terrain_tile(self, region_map, x, y):
		for tile in region_map:
			if tile[0] == x:
				if tile[1] == y: 

***oh and i know this function is probably going to be slow for 100’s of tiles, so if you know a better way that is welcome too :stuck_out_tongue:

I got it now, it tints the terrain yellow, this works, but is there a way i could intensify the color? If not this is fine :slight_smile: