Suggestion how to make bigger impact with Panda3D

Panda3D is hands-down the best open source game engine out there that supports
Python 3. I’ve got suggestion for core developers of Panda3D on how to make bigger impact than it already has and generate some interesting revenue for further development at the same time.
Did you notice that all video tutorials for complete beginners to Panda3D on YouTube are either
awfully outdated (over 10 years old) or of a poor quality or both ? Make a series of high quality video tutorials and upload it on YouTube and add ad monetizing to it. Beginners and enthusiasts will love the content and appreciate it and core devs will get broader user base or audience plus extra cash from YouTube which will help with further development of Panda3D due to advertising. It’s a win-win idea. You might also want to consider to make a video series not for beginners but also for those who already have some knowledge and experience with the library. I can imagine this would definitely add boost to already existing popularity of the library.

I second that. The lack of (good) results when you ‘youtube’ Panda3D is not good for its population/popularity. We nearly skipped Panda3D on day one because of the outdated and not quite motivating videos we found. Without the little tutorial found at who knows if I would read this forum currently. :wink:

Well, yes, it would be nice, but someone needs to make these tutorials. I don’t think there are currently any active community members with the skills to make high quality video tutorials (though I’d love to be proven wrong).
As for monetization - these days you first need 10k views to even get the option to monetize a video, and knowing YT the video will be claimed by 20th Century Fox lawyers because ‘Panda3D’ looks like ‘Kung-Fu Panda 3’ :smiley:

Having 10k views on YouTube is pretty achievable nowadays. But I’m with you on the point you made that making these high quality tutorial series (or lectures if you will) would require a team or individual not only with up-to-date skills related to Panda3D game development but also somebody who enthusiastic about teaching it for the sake of library’s future and further development. Passion takes people a looooong way. It was just an idea 'coz I sincerely think that Panda3D deserves more credit and attention than is getting. I noticed there are plenty wanna-be game developers out there who are picking Unity or Unreal and it’s usually 'coz the learning resources are up-to-date and being maintained. Panda3D was developed by Disney, correct ?