stuck on first (yes, first) tutorial

In going through these tutorials, I’ve noticed a lot of objects that are assumed to exist, even though I can’t find a mention of them in any of the reference material. I’ve been help()ing my way through the packages, but that’s slow going, so I’ll just ask:

Where are objects like “base”, “camera”, “render”, etc. defined?

I can kinda figure out where the classes are, but…where (and why) are they (already) instantiated? Is there a list of these objects somewhere?

Sorry for the newb post!


I assume this is the first tutorial you are talking about:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
run( )

When you import DirectStart (file: Panda3D-1.3.0\direct\src\directbase\ a single instance of Class ShowBase (file: Panda3D-1.3.0\direct\src\showbase\ is created.

On creation this class modified the builtins namespace, by adding names like “base”, “camera”, “render”, “bboard” and so on to the namespace. Have a look yourself to see what names are available: around line 236 in file

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!