Streaming Videos


We are working on a project and chose Panda3D as our engine. We want videos to be streamed directly (from a webcam for now) to a texture. Now I have been successfully able to play videos as a texture I have not been able to play any streaming videos. Is there a way to show the feed from the webcam onto a texture in Panda?

Thank you!

P.S: I had a previous account on which I posted a similar question. I had to recreate the account and I cannot find my previous post either. What happened? :open_mouth:
i would say: " yes! but dont ask me how to use it"

hehe, thanks for the link though! :smiley: It IS confusing…

It’d be great if anyone can explain the steps on how to go about it :smiley:

That post is old. That stuff is already included for some time.

I am not sure what class he refers to. Maybe there is something in the API reference. The ARToolKit classes etc. are also there.

Maybe anyone has a clue what the name is of those classes, or to which classes these extensions are added? This video streaming sounds really interesting.

What kind of video format are you going to try to stream? I’ve poked about with video streaming using base Panda but I’ve hit the wall of MovieTexture segfaulting after playback of most streamable formats (FLV, mov, wmv). You could also stream movies using external libraries but I haven’t done this yet.

For now I would like the stream to work with any format. For our project we’ll have to implement the streaming from an external app being designed by somebody else working on the project. If I am able to stream one format properly then that is the one we will try to use.

I’ve tried to stream wmv and mov files but all it gives me is a black texture.

It’s WebcamVideo.

thank you! I’ll read up on that and give it a try :smiley: