strategy game map

Hello, i making a strategy game, and need help with map. I want to make map continue in the end from the start. I mean something like this:

Is there any simple solution?

Just an idea: what do you think about creating a cylinder, with the camera always facing the center axis? Or is it 2D only?

Yes, i had that idea, i can do it. But i’m worry about how map will look from high point of view. Maybe i need something to do with panda’s camera. But this variant looks not very nice to me :frowning:

Two possibilities occur to me:

  1. Keep multiple cameras. Have your main camera and three (or one if your map only wraps horizontally) “wrapping” cameras. When the player nears the edge of the map, place and turn on the cameras as called for such that they render the appropriate far end of the map to a quad which you place beside your standard geometry. These cameras should keep the same orientation as the main camera, I believe.

  2. Keep multiple copies of the world. Or rather, create clones of objects and terrain as called for when the player nears the edge of the map.

(In either case just teleport the player to the appropriate spot on the other side of the map when crossing the edge.)

Off-hand the first seems likely to be the easier, but I don’t know which is likely to run the faster.

That is what came to my mind, too. Since the objects have to look alike, you could use instances (instanceTo) for less overhead, adding the instances to the same NodePath. When you link the event callbacks to this group node, it is insignificant whether the user clicks the original object or an instance.