strange reaction

im having a strange problem and i really have no idea where this problem is related to.

im doing a list, where all my deleted models should append to. i init this list at my constructors, like -> self.enemyOUT = [] , then im looping over my enemies and my bullets by calculating the dstance between. afterwards i append the model to my list, but the list is losing entries.

im nowhere removing in my code a item from that list.

here is the code:

    def removeENEMY(self,task):
        sizeBULLET = len(s.bullets)
        if (sizeBULLET >0 ):
            self.getHIT = 0
            if (self.ENEMYsize > 0):
                for i in range(self.ENEMYsize):
                    enemyPOS = enemy[i].getPos()
                    for x in range(sizeBULLET):
                        dis = enemyPOS - s.bullets[x].getPos()
                        distance = dis.length()
                        if(distance < 2.5):
                            self.getHIT += 1

here the runtime printout of self.test

i hope someone knows what im doing wrong. now i used to walk a way in my game which is a bit far from my plan, it works, but i will be happy to know what im doing wrong.

is fixed…
i had to set the list global. so last but not least im getting behind the magic of object oriented programming :wink: