Still: flagging an egg file without egg-optchar...

Hi to all,

I managed to produce a few egg files from within a panda3d app. They are all actor-files. The problem comes when I want to search for a particular piece of the actor and then manipulate it. I know I asked something similar here:

[url]Flagging an egg file without egg-optchar]

but none of those steps seem to have any effect: using a and tag, as well as setting the names of the polygons to that of their parent groups doesn’t seem to do anything. Whenever I search for a particular group, on loading the file as an actor, I get the “nodepath is empty error.” However, loading the file as a model does enable me to find and manipulate the pieces, example code:

 #scanning for pieces fails...
 modu= Actor("30_p3d_11.0.0.egg")
 #scanning for pieces works...
#manipulating a piece of a model tests:

I need to use these files as actors because there are also custom animations being produced later on. Attached is a sample file that was produced in the app, if anyone could view it, and try and successfully scan for the pieces with the names in the example above while loading it as an actor, it would be really helpful. [In short, how does egg-optchar prevent this flattening/joining? Can I invoke it (egg-optchar) from within the app? This is literally central to the app I’ve been building, so any ideas are welcome.]

30_p3d_11.0.0.egg (309 KB)

I’ve attached a much smaller file, since the first one was already downloaded once, I’ll just leave it there for reference purposes.

It’s made up of two cubes; first cube belongs to group called “Grupo_26.0.0” and the second one to “Grupo_26.0.1” .
60_p3d_26.0.0.egg (8.04 KB)