stencil support

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is support for using the stencil buffer. I’ve noticed that it appears to be turned off in the DXGSG and I dont see it ever being turned on elsewhere.

// Stencil test is off by default
set_render_state(D3DRS_STENCILENABLE, FALSE);


We don’t, at the moment, have support for the stencil buffer; sorry. No one has really needed to use it before. It will probably make it into version 1.3.


Cool, that answers my question :slight_smile:

Just out of curiousity when is 1.3 scheduled for release?

Releases aren’t scheduled in any formal way. We’re currently working on smoothing out the bugs in 1.2. When the 1.2 release appears stable, we’ll let it rest for a while; but in the meantime, Panda development never stops moving forward on the CVS trunk. After a period of time (several months, probably), when it seems that the trunk has improved substantially from the last release, we’ll make a new release and call it 1.3.0.

In the meantime, if you’re anxious to taste the latest features (and don’t mind living on the ragged edge), you can always download and build the latest version from CVS. We’ll probably have stencil support working there within the next week or two.


Sweet, thanks alot :slight_smile: