Hi user forum, i am interested in learn panda 3d, recently downloaded airblade game to studdy, but i found some hard, at least to me, that starting.

Seeing code, is well structured into various files or modules, collision, soud and othrs, but all independent, except main that importes the other modules that properly the programer did in it.

.looking into the manual, is clear, but I am new in object oriented programing, so, someone can teach me where to find a good tutorial about the sstructure of a game develpment please.

I have made some basics programas in python, but I gues is not the same way prograaming a basic software that programing in panda… the algorithm…

finally, i saw entire panda 3d siite, but only found the initial tutorial that panda moves, is usefull, more needed please!, if anyone experimented in this engine, could do a little tutorial using collisions, sound, eventskey… the basic thins… not only me,much others will be agreed…

excuseme for my bad english…
thank you very much !

Hello Nanabe0, you’re welcome/

Is part of an actual process remodel the panda tutorial as well, get the same with lights, better colours, etc, posted in other thread.

But I’m agreed with something you mentioned… if someone that know more, could make some tutorials with all you explained, I’m beginner too, the manual is good but, of course, tutorials is that!!, tutorial!! you learn faster. will be great if someone teach to novice users to do a pacman or other very basic game…!!!, I’m confused too in how to organize a game…

I know this good page in English that can help you in Object oriented programming : … on-part-1/

Cant find in japanese haha, excuse me :smiley:

There has to be tutorials for Object Oriented Programming in Python for Japanese outhere- there’s no culture out there more game centered than Japan.

I know for certain that blender has a lot of Japanese tutorials especially on Youtube- so python will be out there.


Thankyou digimikeh for the links, and i found tomething interesting in japanese.

Hello, jbskaggss, i do not know about software what using companies like konami or nintendo pretty ignorant in that sense, but i found a video in youtube, is your digimikeh?

if you was make that in blender i am sure that panda can do the same and but better quality , !.. how many time did you do that .

bya the way, frame rate is a bit slow, … but, why are you studyng panda if you work with blender engines ?

Konban wa,

Iie, I didnt make the video I just watched it. I am just learning as you are. But I have known a few Japanese artists who program games and blender.

Notably Yui Yamaguchi (Tomoko Tanaguchi) who was the Manga artist for the Prince / Princess series and Aquarium. She said that many of her friends were doing 3D programming now.

We use Blender with Panda becuase it is a free and Powerful 3D modeler.

JB SKaggs

ha ! nasabe, are you that nasabekurosawa ??, well answering your question I’d make that in 1 week, the reason posting that is for a contest in blender for a site, but if you compare blender and panda, panda is faster and you can arrange things like you want easily (if you know how to program).

I contacted some months ago to a Silent hill producer, he did works in Silent hill 2, an art director. So, I’m sure that is not hard to try contact some popular Japanese people that develop 3d games.

Yeah! we are agree with jbskaggs, why to waste money in maya, 3ds, truespace, milkshape, if we have a fantastic free modeler like blender !.

Actually i consider that blender has the same level compared to the commercial popular modeler, Silent Hill was made in maya, and maya is like blender.

The low framerate there is because recording program…

moshi jbskaggs san, then you know a little about peoples here. ! ok, not big not small.

well, i think get started with code3d.

thankou !

Moshi Moshi Nasabe0,

Genki desu ka?

I have a best friend who was a Manager of the Nippon Derby in Chiba City (I think it was Chiba City) Makoto Hori- he was such a great guy!

I used to own an Aikido Dojo in Memphis, Tennesse and Makoto was at first just a student then we became very good friends. I was thirty years old and he was about forty years old.

He was a big man for a Japanese, 6’ 2" and 270lbs. I met him in Memphis and one time a man tried to get his Rottweiler (dog) to bite Makoto. Makoto jumped on the dog’s back and pretended it was a horse! The dog got scared and ran away.

He told me even big dogs were just puppies. :wink:

Anyway good luck learning python and panda3d. If you need help let me know- but Im just a beginner.

BTW Here’s an simple intro to Python in easy English : … g-for-kids

Dewa sonouchi ni.

JB SKaggs

Great link, thanks! Too bad about the name though, that’ll probably turn off a lot of teenagers/adults who would find this basic intro programming book very useful.

I’ve been recommending this book as an initial crash-course in how to use Python:

Then once you work through that a more complete text is: … ython.html

そうか!!、 それで きみ 日本語 を 話せます!!。

Thankyou for that link, and your help, i now know you know peoples we are not so strange at all lol…

maybe i am the first girl i have 23 years olds and ,trying this things, i like to play games but dream to make them.

Well, time to study the links hehe

Thankyou for helping and tips ! to both you peoples…