starting out in Panda3D

im just starting out and got all the installsion down and that and the first thing i want to make is a Terrain for a world but i don’t want one big terrian i want diffrent terrian where u walk though one area get to the end of it and then it loads the next area :slight_smile: like when u walk though a door type of thing

but my questian is i don’t have a clue on what program to make the Terrian in i have Max3D for models and such and books but i want to make the terrian to begin with so any help please ?

ps. sorry for my bed spelling

Well, why not create your terrain in Max?

If you want a heightmap-based terrain, however, you might want to take a look at GeoMipTerrain.

If I may say, be careful that you don’t pick too complex a first project - I’d suggest starting with something pretty simple, in order to get a “feel” for Panda, before striking out on more complex projects.

Of course, you may already be doing this with this project; I just want to give that caveat, just in case. :slight_smile: