Starchild: Weird and humorous anime future life sim


An anime life simulation with space, music and RPG elements? How weird! This is the proposal of the this project, made by a single passionate girl gamer and aiming to deliver an unique, cross-genre experience.


You were born in the capital of the strange and dark nightkin country, called Lunaria; your parents once were adventurers and due to their stories you started to dream upon becoming one yourself, but you have not enough cash of your own to begin your glorious career and not everyone on your family approves that. Of course that will not stop you; and thus your lifetime tale begins, a tale which will make you wonder if starting it was truly a good idea.

Planned features:

  • Choose your nightkin type: Vampire, beast, psionic or “exalted” scientist
  • Start as a child and take choices which will shape your physical and mental details
  • Take part-time jobs between quests, learn, investigate…
  • Possibility of romance and even children of your own: If you die, they can continue your legacy. Consider it an “investment”.
  • Eventually get a spaceship and customize it to your liking with weapons, sensors, engines and special equipment.
  • Musical weaponry? Yes we can!
  • A randomized set of stories and choice flexibility will make each new campaign surprising.
  • A visual novel with roleplay, simulation and puzzle elements.
  • Learn real life cosmos facts while playing
  • Learn real music facts while playing. If you want, disable the “musical realism” mode for a regular rpg experience.
  • A game where you can be a transgender person? We got it too.
  • Overflowing with weirdness and comedy in a dark setting.
  • And more…


Current restore progress: 033.0%

Yuko Arts engine change


Starchild Panda3d (Restore 033.0 Linux 64-bit) (2021)

You can see the 2016 BGE video of Starchild at this link

The game most current packages and its github link for the people who want to build it can be found at my site starchild page.

Starchild cover


Before resuming development I did some sticker packs related to the game. You can get them at my site stickers page.

Starchild stickers


Even if it happens of me no longer posting at the panda3d discourse in the future, my site will always be online and you can see your desired content there.

Yuko Arts site

Starchild dot

© Yuko Arts, 2021


Welcome to the forum! I hope that you find your time here enjoyable and beneficial. :slight_smile:

Your project looks intriguing, as far as your video shows! :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir.

If it looks intriguing, then my game is transmitting the right idea. :alien:

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Welcome to the forum fellow BGE refugee! Looks like you’ve made quite some progress on this since the last time I saw it on the BlenderArtists forums. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy using Panda3D.

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That’s some interesting world building you do in the introduction. The menu interactions especially seem high quality and artistic. Best of luck in your development efforts.

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@Moguri Refugee indeed, like the “nightkins” from my game.

Such a honor to be talking with you again Moguri; if I recall right you did the “bgui” project for the BGE, and I used that a lot before that game engine death long ago.

@Simulan Oh, if it is interesting then I am doing my job right. Like the games of old, one of the goals of the game is to be artistic, not having amazing graphics and a few other things.

Although the first time in 5 years, it is just a quick test to show I already learned enough of panda3d to produce an executable. The code is under GNU GPL 3 and the art under creative commons attribution non-commercial share-alike. It is at restore percentage 000.0%

As far as I could test, to test it you only need linux 64-bit and 7zip to unpack it and to click at the “Starchild” binary. To exit the short video which will repeat itself, just press esc. If it did not ran or behave weirdly, at user/logs/game.log there should be details about why.

You can check other videos not yet restored to the game, the older help files and code (no longer useful until restored) and see other files. Not all folders are included in this test.

The file link is at the first post.

Can you run a winows build?

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Good day,

Although it seems I can produce in linux executable files for windows and mac using setuptools, it is harder for me to test the windows version (other laptop) and impossible to test the mac version (no hardware).

The answer is yes; but since I am currently using linux 64-bit, I will release windows and linux 32-bit versions with less frequency. Windows users will get the versions with bigger changes, but on the other hand will not get the versions containing smaller changes.

Then can you put the code on GitHub so I can run the setuptools build on my own?
You can also run a windows build and I will see if it is working or not.

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My setuptools script actually removes a lot of files from my development folder; for now I am being very careful about what I am giving to people under GNU GLP and creative commons NC SA. Allowing others to build the game themselves is not something I am currently supporting.

I accept your offer to test the windows build though; but the game code currently is mostly not adapted to panda3d and is thus useless even for study. I suggest for you to wait until I have enough adapted code, then I shall release a windows test.

Good night,

With two videos already restored, restoration is at 005.0%.

The game restoration is going faster than I though; Panda3d already provides functions I had to code by myself in the past, and since that old code is no longer needed I did not restored it and removed it. I also have been improving the videos art and framerate (from 24fps to 30). The current code is under GNU GPL 3 and the art under creative commons attribution non-commercial share-alike.

As far as I could test, to test it you only need linux 64-bit and 7zip to unpack it and to click at the “Starchild” binary. To exit at any time, just press esc. Currently I coded the game to close itself after finishing the second video. If it did not ran or behave weirdly, at user/logs/game.log there should be details about why.

You can check the older help files, already restored code (not much yet) and see other files. Many folders and files are not included yet.

The more I have restored of the game, the more all which will remain to restore will be the difficult part of my past code and the rate of updates will decrease. So, if my current update rate bothers you, do not worry. :sweat_smile:

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I updated the game site (which is also my freelancer site) to now support both smartphones and desktop devices, based on an option you will toggle at a new “options” page. You can now also switch languages at any page.

As for the stickers, I ceased to support telegram and am now supporting Signal; and on top of that I am providing a .zip file with the stickers so you can make your own stickers packs for your favourite chat app if you know how. Now all the sticker packs are covered by the license CC NC SA.


A new game news article has been released. This article is from last month because I was busy improving my site and I had to update the article from its indiedb page to usage at my site itself. It is a minor news article before a bigger one and it contains:

  • What I have been doing regarding the game restoration
  • Remembering which even though the game is not yet finished, you can already listen to its music
  • Why I ceased to distribute the game code and art assets in the past, why I am doing it once more now, and what types of license the project use.
  • Showing there is already a game package download available after 5 years and why I had not yet made available other versions.
  • Talk about plans to update the game site (already done)
  • About the game sticker packs for usage at chat apps (no longer using telegram though).
  • What I had been doing in personal life, because why not?

Also, in case you had not noticed and it is of your interest, I updated the first post with more information about the game.

Good night, after a delay of 2 months a new article for the game is out! The game restoration is now at 33% (it was 15% at the last article), read the article to learn more about this topic.

  • I also updated the first post with more recent images and videos and fixing broken links.