Starbound [work in progress]

I think my game is worth showing here. It dosent have anything fun to do yet but i have been working hard making this game’s framework. Im working on a game i call starbound. It is a 3d [yep you guesed it] space shooter / real time strategy game where you will be able to land on planets in your customized ship and invade it by blowing up the turrets and capturing the planets. The main goal of the game is to establish an empire in space. You can trade resources, fight in space, or invade planets. When you get rich in the game you can start getting into the strategy part of the game where you can build up a fleet of drone ships that you can command to trade , attack , or fight by your side.

It hasent quite reached this point but it certainly is possible for me.  i enjoy using panda3d and i just wanted to show off what i have done so far.

I know the screenshot is choppy.

 You can download the source code and see more of the game at [url][/url]  Feel free to modify the source code.  I realize that my code isnt what most of you guys are used to.  But it has some things that alot of you can use such as a mouse guided flight system, collision detection, a ship strafing in your own game.  I am still working on it but now that i have collision detection working... it wont be long before you can land and invade your first planet.  

I hope it looks good so far!

Nice! :smiley:

It looks like quite an ambitious project! I hope it will go fine :wink:

i like the idea :smiley: Sounds like a great game!!
Are u going to make it multiplayer???
Ive been working on some networking code id be happy to send to you if you wanted

That would be awesome! You could also post it on code snippets if you wanted. I would love to use it.

Alright kool I’ll comment it up and post it later today… It’s actually a little game of it’s own but i’m sure u cud adapt the classes to ur game

alright its posted up in the showcase… feel free to use the code however you want and pm me if you need any explanations on the code

I’m wondering, strafe doesn’t seem to do anything (as in, it doesn’t seem to rotate the ship). Is this intentional?

what do you mean? It moves the ship to the left. did you press the ‘a’ and ‘d’ keys?

to get better looking screenshots you can use the base.screenshot() function, it should remove the choppy effect you are getting.

thanks… never knew you could do that from panda!

It’s called ‘tearing’, and it goes away if you enable VSync, too.

Nice looking for what I could “see”… had some problems…

Took me forever to notice the link below on your website, so you may want to make that bigger.

Also, like I said befor for what I could “see”… the game was moving way to fast and I could “die” ? right off the bat most of the time or go into the void where I was lost… so may want to have some sorta way to slow it down or something.

Other then that nice job, I like it!

Well i wouldnt call it quite a game yet adr. I will make everything scaled and there will be two different types of flight… hyperspeed (for travelling across the star systems fast) and combat speed for doing normal things such as fighting… im just working on basic things so far.

Oh I know its not a “game” yet, I was jsut saying it was moving a little to fast for me on my pc. Also one thing you should do is a little more clean up on your Projectile code… you seem to still keep the item in your dic.

I always like it when ppl tell me if something wrong so I can make a list and then go down that last to fixs thos errors/bugs and then work on the new stuff, so that way I had a good “base” even if the new stuff I added didnt work. (You wont show the most done with this, but you sure do have the most stable making things go alot more smoother when you add or take away stuff.)

sorry adr… i thought you meant something else… like the ship was going to fast in comparison to like the rest of the solar syhstem

Ah, nevermind. The mouse does all of the ship rolling, anyway

I relly like the look of the game but when i try to register for the game it keeps saying diagnose connection and it is not my computer it is allmost brand new i was wondering is there a different site to get into the game i am new to panda3d to so have no idea what im doing