stable integration of ODE ?


i’m reading that the integration of the ODE physics engine in panda3d is in progress and that the integration will be released with Panda 1.5.3 - but as i can see in the code comment of an actual thread, it seems to be far from being stable:

# the current state of ode (june.08 panda3d v1.5.3) has to be considered testing
# it's easy to crash panda using lots of the used commands used in this sample

Has anybody an idea, about when the first (adequate) stable integration of ODE could be released ?

Thats in 1.5.3. I think it can be called stable, I think disney uses it for their games already for some time. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)
I don’t know why it crashes – maybe because its not fully stable on OSX perhaps?

1.5.3 hasn’t been officially released yet, but it was already tagged for some time – So, I compiled it already, and it can be downloaded here:

Any chance the reference for 1.5.3 can be generated pro? I tried porting a PyODE example to panda’s ODE but I have no idea how to get the environment OdeBody.

You can generate html reference pages using pydoc or panda’s genpycode, or you can go to the python interpreter and type help(SomeOdeClass).

Ok, thank you.

I guess, there’s not any documentation/example about panda3d/ode yet ?

There’s _Hypnos’ thread, which you referred to, and you can also take a look at the PyODE examples, it works similar in panda.

Also, if you need the reference, you can type help(SomeOdeClass) at the python shell.