I’m having some problems with the new sRGB features.
I’ve put “framebuffer-srgb true” in my prc, and that works fine, but now I’d like to load and display a texture that is plain old linear RGB. In this case it’s a color-picker so it is important that the color shown is the color selected (I pull the coordinate of the mouse cursor and then use PNMImage to read back the pixel color from the image file)

This is how it looks with framebuffer-srgb false:

and this is how it looks with framebuffer-srgb true:

I want to display this image as it is seen on the first screen.
This didn’t work :cry: :

tex = loader.loadTexture('data/color_picker.png')

If the second image does not show the expected result, you should ask yourself whether the image is really linear.

If you want to display it as in the first shot, then all you have to do is change the format to F_srgb_alpha. Picking a colour from the resulting render will result in a colour with the same colour space of the original image.

Ok, thanks. F_srgb_alpha will display it as I wanted it… that’s how the image looks when I open it with any image viewer/editor. But is that linear? I don’t know anymore.
Anyway, the image shows some 5.5k out of 16M colors, so I won’t bother about accuracy :mrgreen: