Spotlight's Area of Effect

Is there a way to control the diameter of a spotlight, so that it covers a larger or smaller area?

This is its field of view, which is a property of the lens within the spotlight:


field of view is a value in degrees.


I found out the Fov will not go any higher than 180 without an error (spotlight). I wanted the largest diameter possible, so I currently have 180 set.

A spotlight is a cone. At 180 deg it turns into… well I don’t khow what… a hemisphere or a flat circle? Something not fit into 3d reality.

Why don’t you just move the light away? Or if you want to lit the whole scene/map then use a directional light.

Directional Lights have not position in space, just a volume and direction, which doesn’t really suit my purpose.

Lighting is fine since I already have both a Spot and Point working together to get the desired effect; I was just wondering how to control the diameter of the spot (without moving it far way), if it was possible.

I currently have the lights far away, which is true to life anyway since the sun is far away from us. :smiley: