Spore creature editor

The spore creature editor came out and its awesome. Give it a try!

Ok now i am thinking of how to get the spore creatures into panda3d. I am not sure what kind of copyright they hold because they are created by me but parts are by Maxis.

The spore creature editor stores the data some place - i thought it was online because i cant find the files - but now i don’t thinks so because i never registered. It would be nice at least to have a “binary blob” which we can reverse engineer in true open source spirit.

Forget that treeform, implement a spore creature editor for Panda!

The Spore people have released a technical paper, I think it’s about how they generate the animations for the user-created creatures:

chrishecker.com/Real-time_Motion … rphologies

And for putting together the creatures themselves, my friend guesses that it uses metaballs: