SphereLight: How is it used?

I’ve discovered that, as of 1.10, we have a type of light called a “SphereLight”. This seems like it might be useful to me in a side-project, so I’ve added one to a scene.

However, I’m not seeing much difference between its effect and that of a PointLight: A higher radius-value seems to make it dimmer, and conversely–and most oddly to my mind–it seems to dwindle to a point when brought close to a surface, just like a PointLight.

Could someone tell me how the SphereLight class is intended to work and be used, please?

At this point, the default shaders don’t do much with it. It’s useful if you have your own shaders, or are using the RenderPipeline.

Aah, fair enough! That makes sense, and thank you for the explanation. :slight_smile: