Spamming Quicksave--how to respond?

What do games these days usually do when the player spams the quick-save key (presuming that there is one)? Do they queue up saves? Do they ignore quick-save presses while saving? Something else?

(This arises due to my current intention to move part of the saving process into a separate thread. This means that the game should, hopefully, no longer stall when saving the game. However, it also means that the game is still taking input while saving–including input from the quick-save key…)

I suppose, come to think of it, that the problem also applies when saves collide–if, for example, the player runs through an autosave trigger just after quick-saving (or vice-versa).


For players spamming quicksave, I would ignore any additional quicksaves until the previous save is completed. If an autosave is triggered during a quicksave, I would probably queue it up and perform it after the quicksave completes.

Hmm… Interesting. The former part–ignoring additional quicksaves–is the easy route, and thus attractive, I’ll confess. But I do worry about it leading to player frustration… :/

I do think that you’re right about queuing autosaves–after all, those go into a different slot, and should likely be preserved!

Thank you for your input! :slight_smile: