SpaceWar clone


Here is a git with the first game I ever made!

It is a spacewar (1985) clone, and is kinda fun!

It is messy, and I reused some of the asset of the asteroid sample that come with panda3D.
I wanted to improve on it a little before sharing it, but it was more of an introduction to panda3D game than anything else, and now I was fearing to lose it before sharing it.

To run it you have to install pyBox2D, since my lack of knowledge didn’t allow me to build a self contained .p3d file.

The controls are :
Player 1:
Throttle: w
Turn Left: a
Turn Right: d
Cloak: s
Fire Bullet: f
Shield: g
Fire Laser: h
Energy to Life: r
Life to Energy: t

Player 2:
Throttle: up_arrow
Turn Left: left_arrow
Turn Right: right_arrow
Cloak: down_arrow
Fire Bullet: 1
Shield: 2
Fire Laser: 3
Energy to Life: 4
Life to Energy: 5

In the menu, you can toggle the asteroids and the planet (which add gravity).

Have fun trying it!


Edit: added picture!