Spaceship with


I am new here. So thanks in advance for all who help me in getting in here.

Q1) I want to fly an armada of spaceships with lots of lights and trailing through space. Is there a 3d spacegame tutorial or example around ?

Q2) How can I find out, what Space Ship Entity my mouse is right now moving over (i.e. I want to click onto a space ship and get it highlighted / marked) ?

Q3) if you don’t know EVE yet, check
There you find wonderful space panoramic pictures, made of background star fields, nebulae, suns, flares and nicely coloured clouds. Can someone please link me to a space graphics tutorial, where I can learn how to make these kind of space graphics dynamically !? It does not have to be Panda3D based - any maths or algorithms tutorial will do it.

Thanks in advance

Not that I know of. But there is a nice asteroids clone in samples/Feature-Tutorials–Tasks.

Your talking about “picking”, there is a nice class used here…
But that should only be used as a starting point. Also have a look through the manual.

I doubt all of the scenery is rendered in real-time, you will probably find its a clever use of a skybox with a few dynamic lights. Its good how an illusion can look/feel real :wink: