Space Game: Need Testers

Update: 05/18/09

I know it’s been some time since I’ve put up an update. I apologize. I have been working on Epoch and the most recent version is up on the site now.

Tour 2 is now half-way complete. It will be a few months until I can devote more time to the game. Until then I need the community’s help to find bugs and issues with game-play. I could especially use advice about levels being too hard, easy, boring, etc.

Below are shots from Tour 2

The space game is developed enough to release an Alpha version. The game is called Epoch. Windows users should be able to launch it right from Windows from Epoch.bat without needing to open a command line.

A help.txt file is included for questions.

Basically you’ll need a joystick and copy of Pygame. A Windows installer of Pygame is included.

Of course you’ll also need Panda3D. I haven’t packed it with Packpanda or anything.

This is excellant work…I can see alot of potential for what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing …this is great & creative work! Keep it up.

That was fun :slight_smile: !

New version available at the same link

Thanks for taking a look at this. I’ve added a couple of new features since the last version:

-corrected some faulty textures,
-Added an intelligent save game feature that tracks you as you play. Records how many missions you’ve played, what mission is next and how many credits you have (like money will be used later in the game development)
-New level added.

Again, if someone out there is interested in helping develop this with me, let me know and I can send some code. Even if you just want to write mission levels, I can show you examples of what the missions are capable of representing.

Space games are my love ever since. Too sad I don’t have time to mess around with it now.
I am definately going to take a look into it in a few weeks - but I can’t grant much help since I am (somehow) involved in another project with an kind of similar target.

As for webspace: Problem is the moving at the moment. I can give you some webspace at the old server - but that doesn’t help much. All accounts need to move to the new machine (along with the domain name). But that can’t start before we have done some testing of the software involved

I am sorry to say it, but it might take a few weeks. (If we manage to get it ready before: hoorray! - But I doubt it :wink: )

Regards, Bigfoot29

I figured that so few people have joysticks that the project will be dead if I didn’t add keyboard support- so I did.

You can download the new version at the link above.


Keybindings (also in the help file)

Arrow-Up: Pitch Down
Arrow-Down: Pitch Up
Arrow-Left: Turn left
Arrow-Right: Turn right
Space: Fire (trigger button)
S key: Select Target (equivilent to button 2 on a joystick)
W key: Fire Homing Missle (equivilent to button 3 on a joystick)

I’m working on a number of things with the project. I’ve successfully added networking for most things. I’ve still got a few bugs to work out.

I’ve added keyboard support, like I posted before.

But now that I play it, it doesn’t play very well-with keyboard keys it’s all or nothing.

What do you all thing about making it mouse controled instead of keyboard for those who don’t have a joystick? I think it would add more control but it’s different.

After some modifications and additional artwork, I’ve decided to publish the source to my game.

There are some major bugs I’m working through. After each mission and reentry into a new mission the program crashes. I’m working on it.
The game however is saved and by loading the program again you will be where you left off.

Press Space bar to advance through things. Once in the simulator press “1” to start.

See the programming notes for other questions or ask them here.

The link below should provide you with an updated version and it’s code.

Controls are with a joystick unless you don’t have one then you use your mouse to steer. I have a joystick so the mouse driven play probably isn’t optimal- you’re welcome to adjust it.

Tugs bringing cargo back to carrier.

Fighter with planet in reflection- it looks much better moving

Update Aug. 14, 2007

Ver 0.7 - Beta

I packaged the program with packpanda. This version is reasonably stable. It has full support for LAN play aswell.

There’s only 5 missions at the moment and the last mission is just coming together. But hopefully you’ll get an idea.

Anyway, here’s the download (31 MB):

edited Aug 19, 2007

I can’t download the file. The page at the link says:

Maybe you could host this at instead? bigfoot29 would know more. If not there are other free hosts.

Or you could upgrade the account like the page says, or you could use an archiver like 7zip to split it into volumes under 10 megs each.


mavasher asked for one quite some time ago. Since I hoped that we would get the new portal ready for service, I delayed his account creation among others. :frowning:

Since it seems to take another few weeks till its up and some folks really seem to need some I will create them even if they are still on the old system.

Sorry for the delay.

Sent you a PM, mavasher.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Edited by me :slight_smile:

Is there anything I can do to help get panda3dprojects up? I really look forward to seeing it.

Biggest problem is the portal work pro-rsoft is working at. Whole backend thing is up since its a out-of-the-box-solution.

So thanks for your question. There are some minor things that can be done later on. But as long as the portal work isn’t finished, there isn’t much that can be done - the portal seems to be a kind of a mixture of a pre-factured Wiki and some manual made extensions.
The server is a standard debian-system with Panda 1.3.x installed - so even Panda3D-related content using CGI is possible.
Dunno, but I really guess we will have to wait till pro-rsoft is back.

Maybe you can help encourage him finishing the Portal work instead of doing tons of other stuff. :smiley:

As for the help later on: It would be good if we were allowed to use the styles Panda3D website/forum uses. But for that I would love to show you an first glimpse of the portal itself - to see if it suits the Panda3D needs. :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

@cyan -I’m really sorry about the hosting issue. I understood that wasn’t a problem. As I’m writing this the file is being uploaded to the new account I got from bigfoot29.
Glad to hear that some one wanted to take a look at it.

@Josh- I’m uploading the source as well. Its fairly well commented, but so far only tested using ver 1.3.2- You mentioned having example games- you’re welcome to use this. I’m just writing it for fun and don’t want to retain any rights to the code except maybe the GPL license type stuff. So, if you’re interested in using this for anything you’re welcome to it.

@bigfoot29 - Thanks this helps a ton. Now, everyone can have full access to the code changes as they happen.

It’s pretty fun despite being just a couple of levels and not really complete yet - my brothers and I played it this weekend and it worked fine.

-You don’t die when your ship’s health is zero or negative (this is so that I can easier debug the program for the time being without worrying about playing well in order to see the level as it plays out)

-Only 5 missions and they are in the wrong order sort of.

-The final version will have a store where you buy new types of ships and equip and modify them- that store is completely absent at the moment.

-No sound effects- I’m waiting to see what OpenAL does.

For those downloading the source- you’ll need Pygame and Psyco installed. The epoch installer will install all needed modules for you as it was packaged with packpanda.

Links -installer for Windows -source

Pygame: … -py2.4.exe
Psyco: … -py2.4.exe

Mavasher, just thought you might want to update the .bat file, it still reads instead of :slight_smile:

the .bat should be fixed now- there are probably a lot more of these types of problems. Any help in identifying them is great. Thanks.

I put up a little portal on

It’s very ugly right now- I put it together pretty fast and my HTML/PHP is rusty- but as it gets prettier it should be a good place to house everything for the project.

I have the files up there now and a little video playing to give you a feel for the game.

I hope to add a blog type thing for programming changes/updates and later some tutorials for people who want to make their own craft and missions.

until the server is transferred over the most updated stuff is found on the panda3dprojects wiki:

Awesome…thanks for sharing your hard work!

mavasher, I highly recommend not to put too much energy into the blog thing… the finished Panda3DProjects portal will have something like this already that you could use (noone is forcing you to use your own thing, through.).

However: Please notice that you don’t have a mysql table at the old place (many blogs/CM systems rely on one of these)

But the current site is a nice place to start with :slight_smile:

Regards. Bigfoot29