Space Game ( Basic MMO Client/Server Demo WORKING! )

This is a project I have been working on (and off) for some time. This space game uses the solar system sample as it’s base and grew from there. I now have the beginnings of an MMO style game. You can login to the online serer. Each player has their own instance of the solar system (working on that) but the chat is handled by the client/server programs modeled after Paul Thornbury’s code

There is a window’s installer available as well as p3d version. Feel free to to test and comment. Feedback is needed especially from OS X and Linux users! Not even sure I could call this “game” in alpha stage at this point so I am aware that there is not much to do other than mine asteroids.

Will say briefly:

Re-download, correct installation package.

However, it crashes when loading a panda. Just window closes.

Thanks for the feedback. I packed this up using the pdeploy utility included with the current version of panda3d (1.9.2) so not sure how I can fix this. Do certain NCIS files that pdeploy calls need to updated? I have not seen this message myself before on ANY panda work I have done in the past and I have made installers for previous versions of my work so this is new for me.

What crashes? The .exe installer file? the spaceGameClient.exe file ( after install?) or did you try the .p3d file version? Just asking for clarity. Also any of the panda3d session and core logs info would be helpful to determine what issue you are having. Thanks again for the feedback.

In the first case, the problem was in the next, it was damaged during the download of the installer. Reloading fix it.

First strip comes to the red line, then the process begins again.

The second time the window closes reaching the line.

Where logs are stored?

The log file is being saved at the following location For windows 8.10 users in a file named "SpaceGame-0.10.x.log " . There may also be other logs generated in that same folder p3d_session.log and p3d_core.log


Any of those would be helpful in determining your issue. What is your OS?

SpaceGame-0.10.15.log (6.21 KB)

Win7 64

Awesome. Thank you.

After downloading, failed hash check
expected: b70688c112be2f631e791ae7df701877
     got: 96a41f2cfc733587aeefd3a0853007b5

So what is happening is that when the installer downloads the padnda3d game engine files it fails a checksum test. and so it aborts the install before it even gets to my game files. Not sure why this is happening. If you already have the panda3d runtime installed I would suggest downloading and running the p3d file instead. You could also try installing the 32bit version and see if that one installs properly. My friend and I have both had success with both installers so I am not sure why you are getting this error.

Any Panda3d Gurus out there that might have a better answer are welcome to comment.

I will also make a standalone installer so you don’t have to rely on the downloaded game engine files.

Odd, because b70… is really the correct hash for that file, not 96a… Not sure why your download is not matching.

Try deleting your C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Panda3D directory and seeing if it is still giving trouble.

Latest version has been posted along with new notes. The biggest change is that players now appear in the same instance and you can view and target the ships of other players that have logged in. I made the installer a complete installer so no more downloading the Panda3d files just install and run. The client should run even if there is no server connection.

Latest version (0.10.22) has been posted. Players can now engage in PvP combat.