SoundAnalyse + analyseffi

Hi guys,

After being able to put the mic to work, I wanted to start developing the actual function i want it to have: trigger something if determined volume is reached…to do so, I’ve been trying to use SoundAnalyse with this sample code

import numpy
import pyaudio

import analyse

# Initialize PyAudio
pyaud = pyaudio.PyAudio()

# Open input stream, 16-bit mono at 44100 Hz
# On my system, device 1 is a USB microphone, your number may differ.
stream =
    format = pyaudio.paInt16,
    channels = 1,
    rate = 44100,
    input_device_index = 1,
    input = True)

while True:
    # Read raw microphone data
    rawsamps =
    # Convert raw data to NumPy array
    samps = numpy.fromstring(rawsamps, dtype=numpy.int16)
    # Show the volume and pitch
    print analyse.loudness(samps), analyse.musical_detect_pitch(samps)

However, I always get the same error regarding the import of analyseffi…any solution to this / is this the right method to detect sound volume?