Sound looping problems

Hello to everyone,

The sounds effects I am using loop seamlessly while they are stereo, but when I convert them to mono the sound pauses before repeating. I have been using the .wav format, which is what the manual recommends for looping sounds. Does anyone else have this problem, or any ideas to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

I got it to work using sounds I downloaded; maybe it is a problem with the program I am using, Audacity.

Fixed the problem by using a different program.

Hey even i am facing this problem,Brisingr can you please tell me which different programs you are talking about??

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The program that I was using that seemed to work was called Super.
I say “seemed” to work, because it stopped working for me. Without changing anything, the pause before looping reappeared. The workaround I have been using is that short files exported from audacity ( < 2 or 3 seconds) seem to work fine. I don’t know if this would work for you or not. Sorry I can’t provide any deeper insight to the problem.

Is there any ‘white noise’ in your sound effects? That is spots where there is no sound, just background static. Even if the “white noise” is practically silent, it will create a pause in sound effects based on rather it’s at the beginning or end of the sound.

This should be cut from the beginning and end of your sound effects for the best possbile looping with wave files.

There was a program called Ace of Wave back in the days. It was free then and did a good job with modifying sound and adding all kinds of sound effects. The program was good at removing background noise plus you could cut out any ‘white noise’ within sound.

If you’re into composing music on your PC, I would use Anvil Studio because it’s not only simple to use, but the visual feed back is excellet. Learning about the four parts of music composing will help a lot. Melody, Base, Rhythm and Drums.